What Drives Us

Helping Brands Reach Their Full Potential



We are the embodiment of collaboration, an agency inspired by curiosity with a mission to take the increasingly complicated task of marketing and making it simpler. We know marketing departments and owners are under more stress than ever. Our job is to take some of that stress away, by taking the process of planning out strategies, timing of promotions, training of staff and by doing it at retail speed.



As the consumer landscape evolves, the way businesses interact and sell to their customers also changes. It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve! There are many ways to reach an audience, and there are many ways to miss the mark.

Each team member is expertly trained in utilizing the research tools to best fit the clients needs. We analyze the data, both qualitatively and quantitatively, which helps us identify what medium and messages your audience is most likely engaging with. Helping us eliminate wasted impressions, ultimatley saying our clients money.



Our team members are part of the multicultural melting pot.

At Amongst Friends, we understand that language and culture matter when dealing with the multicultural environments and we understand the importance that these groups make. They are a rapidly growing population and represent a strong buying power.