Our Team

Offering 35+ Years of Experience

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Debbie castellano

Debbie Castellano, President and Lead Innovator,  brings more than two decades of media, marketing and management experience, navigating between the General and Hispanic Markets.  Her expertise encompasses a wide range of business categories, including automotive, retail, finance, QSR and Healthcare. 

Debbie’s passion for helping clients grow their business and strategically targeting their customer, helped cultivate what defines who we are and how we interact with clients and each other.

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Maura calzadilla

Maura Calzadilla is a Marketing and Advertising Executive with over 25 years of experience. She graduated from Luisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. 

She has extensive media buying, planning and research experienced exceptional strategic planning and market development skills. She is adept in optimizing relationships with key clients, C-level decision makers, and valuable business partners with a proven record of success in new business acquisition and retention.

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jeannette betancourt

Jeannette Betancourt, Account Manager, is a seasoned account Manager with over 20 years of account services and experiential activations. What drives Jeannett is being able to connect with our clients and make sure their vision is being realized. She believes that in this industry you should be able to push the boundries to be innovative and different and yet be capable of strategic thinking to achieve the best results.

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maria “gabriela” pico

Gaby Pico, Engagement Specialist, is a highly meticulous and creative professional. She is in-tuned with trends and influences that keep our clients current. She is passionate about creating new things, studying the behaviors of our landscape/customers, working with people and problem solving.

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ivonne montero

Ivonne Montero, Finance Manager. Ivonne is single handedly responsible for the financial health of this agency. She works closely in supporting the media department with oversight, review and sytems approval of advertising sales billing, revenue recognition, reporting and monthly, quarterly closes for each of our client.

Don’t let her smile and eyes fool you, she is a force to be reckoned with.